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We are N.I.C.E.T. Certified. Our team of Quality Designers are ready to provide you with Free Quotes on any job. Simply call us and within minutes our Consultants will be able to tell you how we can meet your
Fire Protection System needs.

We Offer :

  • Fire Protection System Design Wet, Dry, Deluge
  • Submittal Drawings
  • Surveys & Calculations
  • Cut Sheets
  • Material Lists
  • Inspections & Service
  • Commercial, Industrial &
  • Residential Fire Protection Design
  • International Fire Protection Design
  • Global Fire Protection Design
  • Nationwide Service & Consultation

Welcome to Millennium Fire Protection (MFP). MFP has the experience and expertise in Fire Protection Design and Prevention Systems that your company is looking for when designing various types of Fire Sprinkler Systems.


Using the latest codes and technology, our design team has the training and over 20 years of experience that is invaluable in developing a safe and effective Fire Sprinkler System.

When designing systems, our designers use AutoCAD software, along with several other appropriate applications if necessary. We understand that Quality and Accuracy are highly important to our clients. So our quality inspection team reviews and proofs all drawings prior to their release back to our clients.

We Guarantee Approval of Drawings!
Use our Fire Prevention System Expertise to Design your Fire Protection Systems


Reasons to Use An Independent Designer

1) You pay us per job

Reduced overhead & less expense for your company due to no sick days, company car or office space, etc.

2) No equipment upgrades needed – software,
computers, etc.

3) Simplicity

4) We try harder to please you – getting paid per job; if we mess up, we lose a client.

5) Faster Turnaround Time for Projects.

Since we do the designs, we are able to provide you with faster service

6) Better Prices

You have our price figured into your bid at a flat rate.

7) Flexibility to meet your needs.

Small or large company, we work with you on billing.

Our Mission at Millennium Fire Protection is to provide our clients with the highest quality projects and prompt emergency services to satisfy their Fire Protection and Sprinkler System Design needs with the latest information and technology. We are committed to providing the highest degree of Quality, Service, Accuracy, and Prompt Responses to our clients.


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